Gastroenterologisches Zentrum
am St. Joseph-Stift - MVZ Gmbh

Dr. med. Heinrich Schulz (ärztl. Ltg.)
Dr. med. Jochen Flechtenmacher
Dr. med. Carsten Moser
Dr. med. Britta von der Heide

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Diagnosis: Therapy:
Esophago-gastro-duodenoscopy (gastroscopy)

Ileo-colonoscopy (colonoscopy) Mucosectomy
HDTV endoscopy (NBI / I-SCAN / FICE) Papillotomy/Papillectomy
Chromoendoscopy Stone extraction, crushing (biliary system, pancreas)
ERCP (of the bile / pancreatic ducts) Endoprothesis (esophagus, bile and pancreas)
PTC (of the bile ducts) PEG tube insert
(Puncture) sonography (ultrasound) Endoscopic hemostasis
gastrointestinal radiology Variceal sclerosing, ligation, obliteration,
H² breath test Bougienage/balloon dilation
Manometry (esophagus, anorectum) Proctology
Long-term pH-metry Argon beaming
Video capsule endoscopy Double balloon endoscopy (inc. intervention)
Double balloon endoscopy Endosonography (including drainage)
Hepatitis Officee Zenker Diverticulotomy
Endosonography (including fine needle aspiration) Radiofrequency ablation therapy (Barrettneoplasia)
Endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD)

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